Hi guys,

On monday we played basketball,

it was a draw 21 all.
This week we played aganist Blackwood.

One of our players, Connor made it a draw by getting in two foul shots.It was pretty cool! 😛 Basketball is a really fun sport. I got three fouls! – fouls are when you come into contact with the player with the ball or if you slap their arm insted of the ball, in my case thats what happened.

Do you play a sport? if you do what is it?

Chels 😀

100 word challenge

Hi all,

My teacher Pam Thompson has set our class a challenge we had to write a 100 word story and it must have the sentence: Everyone clapped and cheered apart from…

Here is mine:

She leaped on to the massive court. She could feel the energy going through her. She did a turn and ended in a pirouette. She had to hold it for over a minute. She felt the pain in her back get heavier and heavier. She wanted to yell out but she resisted. Now nearly all of her friends were standing next to her in their positions. They finished everyone clapped and cheered apart from them. Relive washed over her. She went over and to the girls and gave them a big bear hug. “This is it” she said extremely excited.

Hope you guys like it!!

chels 😀

Lights,Camera….. Action!

Hi Everyone,

At the end of last term we did auditions for the year 6/7’s plays. It took about three lessons to do the auditions. We are doing Cinders. The roles are :

Cinders: Erin G.

Buttons: Seb

Step sisters: Emily and Rachael

Natators: Millie and Trevy

Prince charming: Ryan

King: Connor

Queen: Erin H

Lord Gripington: Nick

Granny: Charlotte M

Dandini: Aaron

Announcer: Alex

Fairy Godmother: Livvy

Queen’s lady in waiting : Amelia , Hayley and  ME!!

Princes personal bodygards: Jackson, Hamish and Charlotte T.

Mr Shifter: Wylan

Shifters assistants(non speaking): Jasmine, Hannah P and Kellie

Paper sellers: Tori and Zoe

Wishy, chinese laundry girl (non speaking): Victoria

Washy, chinese laundry girl (non speaking) : Sira

step mother: Hannah F

Iam really happy  I got the lady-in-waiting part!

Chels 😀


Hi Everyone,

Last week our basketball team won 20 to 10 !

My friends Millie and Emily couldn’t make it so I was the only girl on the team that  week. It was still a lot of fun! I was so close to getting two goals but unfortunately I missed 🙁

I have been in the team for 9 terms. basketball is a really fun sport! 😉



Hi everyone

On  the 10th of march we went and played for the school in lacrosse. My friend Millie and I were in a team together. there was three matches and we won all three! YA! We then got into the finals and won that.

I got to take home the trophy to look after it for the night . The next day I brought the trophy into school to give to the principal. The team and Iwent and gave it to her. The next week we got to go up for assembly and talked about what we did.

The lacrosse day was sooo much fun!

whats your favourite sport?

chels 😉

My Experience In New Zealand

last year in october the New Zealand choir went over to New Zealand

day 1:

I had an early start and got up at 4:00 am in Adelaide and got ready to go to the airport. once i had got dressed i headed out the door said good bye to mum, ruby (my puppy) and the house  the rest of my family was in bed so i couldn’t say goodbye to them. While i was in the car i only saw about 10 cars on the road to the airport! when we got there we went and put our luggage on the conveyor belt that took it to the plane. after that we waited for two hours my dad was there and so we went and got a hot chocolate for breakfast

Later on i was leaving for the plane said goodbye to my dad and cried a little about two hours later we were in Melbourne. Me and one of my friends went and got something to eat.

After buying something in Melbourne the New Zealand choir boarded the plane. Four hours later we were in a differrent country! New Zealand!!


I got up and went to their school for the day and did a performence for the school. It was so much fun!


On this day I got up at 4am and ready to leave to Australia. I said goobye to the billets mum and brother . My billet,nicole came with her dad. we then got to the school and after about 10 – 15 minutes left to go on the bus saying goodbye to nicole was really sad! 🙁 BUT this year she will be coming over here. So we got to the airport and left to go to Melbourne and then to Adelaide. I got to the adelaide airport i ran to my mum and dad , got my luggage and left for home.  

 The Trip was absolutely AMAZING!! 🙂  And it’s one that i will never for get!!

have you ever been in a different country? write a comment.

ok bye for now chels 😛

Back To School

Hi Everyone,

school back and I’m in year 7 oh my gosh this is my last year!!

School went back last week.It was great to see all my friends again, Because I didn’t see them much in the holidays.On the friday we got our year 7 t- shirts it wpencilsas soo cool! 😀  

bye for now!

chelsea 😀

My IB challenge

hi everyone,

has you may know i did an IB challenge and i did a mosaic. I finished it last week i was soooo relieved and happy at the same time! I checked  my journal and realised  that  i hadn’t done one part of it. so i was frantically writing down what i had to write .By the time i was finished it was about 9:30. I was pretty tired the next morning even though it wasn’t really that late!!

bye for now

chels 🙂

Inanimate Alice

hi guys!

This past first week of school we have being watching Inamimate Alice for literacy.

I really liked the third episode because it was the most exciting one yet.I can’t wait until all ten are ready because they only have done four episodes.want to know why some things happened that haven’t been answered. I think that she will be 17 in the next episode because in every episode she gets older and is in a different country every time.

I  wonder what the next episode will be!

oh … by the way here is a link to the first episode:  it’s called china

post a commet on what you think of the episode!

ok bye